The root (1st Chakra) is located at the base of the spine and its energy radiates red. This is our foundation and connection to the earth. It provides the foundation on which we build our life. It connects to our basic human instinct for survival, security and stability. In balance: Grounding stability instinct, feeling of community, tribe and foundation. A blocked or imbalance of the root energy center can manifest itself physically by colon or bladder problems, liver problems or diabetes. Blockages and imbalances on an emotional and psychological level can manifest as anxiety, fear, fatigue, insecurity, addictions, greed, instability and lacking a sense of identity. 


The message is about self development, liberation from past bondages and personal evolution. Every individual first has to progress for the better so the collective consciousness can evolve. “The snake that can not shed its skin has to die. As well as the human minds which are prevented from changing”. We are all connected as one big organism. If we hurt someone else we hurt ourselves. For the betterment of this planet we need to start doing our personal part of the work, the shadow work. The real work, the work on ourselves. 


In the Celtic and Shamanic Tradition, people who were entering and facing the darkness of their souls metamorphose (transformed)  into new reborn beings like a Phoenix  who burns and raises again from his own ashes. The Phoenix is a bird from mythology who burns his old self to change into a new reborn version of himself. “The burning  fire will hurt but it will transform our minds by lifting and liberating our pain and emptiness". For once the process has started there is no turning back. One must be courageous to face his own darkness without denial.


What are Chakras? 

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. They are located in the astral body along the spine starting at the base of the spine and running upwards to the top of the head. The Cosmic Eye (also called: The Third Eye, or the Eye of Intuition) is also a energy center  located in between the eyebrows. The Chakras coincide with a gland in the physical body and each one radiates a specific color and energy. Since each chakra relates to specific spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical aspects of our being, it is said that energy blockages or malfunctions of the chakras can lead to physical, psychological and emotional disorders. Through awareness of the energy center's psychological, physiological and emotional connections to personal issues, we can start working on the problem thereby the healing process begins.  


The snake is the symbol of the Kundalini snake (translated: coiled serpent). It is a form of divine feminine energy force, located at the base of the spine torment and coiled in.  For example, through certain techniques like meditation the Kundalini Snake energy travels from the base of the spine upwards through all energy centers until it reaches the top of our head where the highest chakra is located. This energy when cultivated and awakened by certain practices it is believed to lead to spiritual liberation.


Go on Cosmic Eye's Online store and create awareness. Choose the color of your Kundalini Snake with the attributes you desire the most and/or the problems you wish to resolve in your life. Through awareness of the energy centers psychological, physiological and emotional connections to personal issues, we can start working on the problems we have and the healing process can start. It is like a wheel we are trapped in and we can not get out of it until we face with honesty our personal lies, solve the issues ourselves and bring back the personal power into our lives. This transformation will change fundamentally our way of thinking. It is like a liberation. Body mind and soul are one. All is connected. 


Come with us! “Awaken the power of the Kundalini Snake”

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