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Melanie Fernandez IX

Melanie Fernandez is an Austrian born American singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. She is best known as the founding member, lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Cosmic Eye which was formed in Venice Beach, CA in 2018. After singing in several underground Austrian bands, Fernandez moved to Los Angeles and Cosmic Eye landed a weekly residency at the world famous venue the Viper Room in Hollywood for the entire year of 2019. The hard rock band released their debut album  'The Shaman Soul' in March 2020. The music is high energy rock sound channeled from the ether.

Melanie Fernandez IX released a solo album in March 2022 which is called ".

NEW RELEASE: March, 2022



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Interview with Melanie Fernandez from the rock band “COSMIC EYE” from Venice Beach, California. WATCH NOW on YouTube: 

By Jonathan Taylor

You want to know something private about

Melanie Fernandez? Lead singer, song writer and guitarist of the rock band Cosmic Eye explained in a recent interview that the Phoenix tattoo on her back was predestined to show the future of her life journey. The Phoenix is a firebird from ancient Mythology with a rich symbolism of resurrection.

The firebird was being tattooed on her back when she was eighteen years old. Big size tattoos like this are usually done in 2 sessions because of the intense pain but she wanted it to be finished. The tattoo was completed in 5 hours with only a 15-minute break. She was mentioning that not one single day of her life having any regrets about it. It was very painful but absolutely worth it!


Q Jonathan: Melanie, what is the meaning of the Phoenix tattoo on your back?

Melanie (Cosmic Eye): The Phoenix is a fire bird from ancient Mythology who burns his old self, dies and is reborn again. Like a very intense transformation of existence. When I was moving from Austria to Los Angeles, it literally felt like a death. A death of the past, a death of another life I once had. Followed by a rebirth. Moving to a different country with a different culture and speaking a different language is one of the biggest life changing events someone can experience. Being removed out of your comfort zone of everything you knew, will reveal the truth about your innermost self and the past.

Through facing difficult challenges and intense introspection, I realized who I really was. I found my soul. It’s like a internal soul self-cleanse from chaos and everything what affected you in a negative way in the past. Internal development and evolution. Especially freeing myself from past toxic relationships feels very liberating, as if someone took weight off my shoulders. This is freedom. I love it. The absolute freedom is to face and defeat your own fears so you can live the life you really want. Otherwise we are only slaves to our fears. Everyone should live this way! It will make your spirit fly!

The Phoenix firebird is my personal life symbol of transformation. This is what life is all about: positive change and transformation of the old.

Q Jonathan: It must’ve taken you tremendous courage and strength to take the path of the unknown..

Melanie (Cosmic Eye): This process brought the warrior out of me. I am the warrior. Even if I don’t look like it To be continued…