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COSMIC EYE ~ SPACE RIDE ~ (Official Music Video)

Cosmic Eye ~ BLAZING GURU ~ Official Music Video



After moving from Austria to Los Angeles, singer/guitarist and songwriter Melanie Fernandez formed the hard rock band Cosmic Eye. Successfully completing a weekly residency in the year 2019 at the world famous venue Viper Room in Hollywood, the hard rock band released their debut album in March 2020 ~  "The Shaman Soul" parallel with their first official music video for the song "Blood Sweat and Tears".

Cosmic Eye is not a political band as shown in their video. The singer Melanie Fernandez explained in a recent interview that it is very difficult to stay out of politics nowadays because there are so many injustices going on. "If someone is mistreated in society because of their gender, race, color or religion we have to stand up and speak up. It is not legit keeping quiet before injustice and inhumanity. We as humans are all equal. We only grew up in different environments with different backgrounds and other belief systems which causes unrelated life experiences". The music video warns and shows the viewer that catastrophes will happen if people continue to  follow blind leaders as history has shown us. It is about thinking and evaluating situations for ourselves. Everyone could be a blind leader in your surroundings. A family member or a friend who is influencing you in a certain way.  We should not follow blind an ideology just because everyone around us believes in it. "Try to really think and evaluate for yourself everything that comes your way so that no one is able to manipulate your decision making. Be aware of bias. Did you ever question your parent's belief system?  Most likely you have taken over their belief system as well. That is our root foundation. If these roots are based on blind ideologies like race discrimination for example, we really have to question our own belief system. We have to question the world and our place in it". The message is about self development, liberation from past bondages and personal evolution. Every individual first has to progress for the better so the collective consciousness can evolve. “The snake that can not shed its skin has to die. As well as the human minds which are prevented from changing”. We are all connected as one big organism. If we hurt someone else we hurt ourselves. For the betterment of this planet we need to start doing our personal part of the work, the shadow work. The real work, the work on ourselves. This is the very essence of the frontman's philosophy.


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